How To Make Dairy-Free Go-Gurts

We recently went to Panera for lunch where Tinker Bell (no food allergies) had a kids meal of Mac-n-Cheese.  Tinker Bell chose a Go-Gurt to go with her pasta (dairy overload for sure!).  Superman is 5 and wanted a Go-Gurt, too.  I was saddened to tell him that it was dairy based yogurt, and he promptly asked, “Can you make me a safe Go-Gurt?”  Without a plan I said, “Of course!”.  Thankfully, I already knew about Zipsicles!  Zipsicles are plastic “ziploc” bags made for homemade freezer pops….or Go-Gurts!

How To Make Dairy-Free Go-Gurts

Here’s how I make my homemade Dairy-Free Go-Gurts, including real fruit flavoring.  You could easily just use already flavored, allergy-safe (for your needs) yogurt, but my kids just don’t like them.  Superman and Tinker Bell love Silk Vanilla Soy milk yogurt.

Here’s how I make these Go-Gurts in just 4 easy steps.  It takes me about 15 minutes start to finish.

How To Make Dairy-Free Go-Gurts

1.  Puree 1/2 cup fruit of your choice.  I chose blueberries this time, but strawberry(our favorite so far), raspberry, or cherry would all be delicious.

2.  Drain the juice in a colander with small holes if you want it to be free of seeds and pulp (my kids really dislike the chunks of fruit in yogurt).

3.  Stir blended fruit with the 2 single serving containers of dairy-free yogurt, or put it all back in your food processor to mix it really fast.

4.  Using a tall glass for support,  pour the flavored yogurt into the ZIPSICLE using a funnel.  YOU’RE DONE!

I snip the corners of the ZIPSICLE to make it easier for little mouths to eat.

Enjoy your yogurt on-the-go!

I hope your kids enjoy these as much as my kids do!

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