Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up

It’s been a dream of mine to do a holiday recipe post, sharing recipes from fellow bloggers.  These types of posts are so helpful, and take some time out of Google searches for the perfect dish.  I’m happy to say the response was great when I emailed fellow food allergy bloggers about the idea! They’ve all submitted delicious recipes that will take the fuss out of your Thanksgiving Dinner planning.  I’ve categorized the recipes by which of the Top 8 allergens they are free of, then alphabetized.  Anyone else appreciating this organization?

Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving Round-Up~Mom Vs. Food Allergy

Let’s get this recipe party started!

Dairy, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nut, Fish, & Shellfish Free (Some are Soy free)

Grandma Pumpkin’s Holiday Dressing (Also CORN FREE) from Alison @ MOTHERNOVA

Herb Stuffing (GLUTEN FREE) from Lacy @ MAKING IT MILK FREE

Mashed Party Potatoes from Rachel @ MOM VS. FOOD ALLERGY

Nut-Free and Vegan Mexican Wedding Cookies from Kristen @ NUT FREE MOMMA

Nut-Free and Vegan Pumpkin Bread from Kristen @ NUT FREE MOMMA

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins from Lauren @ EPI FAMILY

Pumpkin Torte from Rachel @ MOM VS. FOOD ALLERGY

Dairy, Egg, and Peanut, and Nut Free

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cups from Lauren @ EPI FAMILY

Sharon’s Special Sticky Rice (Stuffing alternative) from Sharon @ NUT FREE WOK

Top 8 Free

Apple Cranberry Stuffing from Elizabeth @ EBL FOOD ALLERGIES

Apple Crisp from Lauren @ EPI FAMILY

Apple Pie from Sarah @ DON’T FEED MY MONKEYS

Buckwheat Cranberry Pancakes from Tracy @ ALLERGY PHOODS

GLUTEN FREE Homemade Stuffing (Tastes like Stove-Top) from Kathryn @ MAMACADO (*Kathryn says this recipe could be Top 8 Free, but recommends you check for soy in the bread she suggests for this recipe)

Green Bean Casserole from Sarah @ DON’T FEED MY MONKEYS

Mahogany Rice & Quinoa Stuffing from Tracy @ ALLERGY PHOODS

No Bake Berry Peach Pie from Elizabeth @ EBL FOOD ALLERGIES

Pumpkin Hummus from Tracy @ ALLERGY PHOODS

Roasted Sweet Potatoes from Rachel @ MOM VS. FOOD ALLERGY

Roasted Veggies with Craisins from Kathryn @ MAMACADO

Slow Cooked Honey BBQ Turkey from Tiffany @ ALLERGY COOKIE

Stuffing from Sarah @ DON’T FEED MY MONKEYS

Sweet Potato Pie from Tiffany @ ALLERGY COOKIE

So, which recipes are you going to try?  I sincerely hope this list of recipes has helped you in planning Thanksgiving dinner, or which dish you’ll take to share with family and friends.  Enjoy your Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving!

Did you like this recipe round-up?  Leave a comment if you’d like to see a Christmas version!

Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up~Mom Vs. Food Allergy


Book Review: No Peanuts For Santa

Need a new food allergy related book for your child?  No Peanuts For Santa should be on your bookshelf!

Book Review:  No Peanuts For Santa

Author, Tarra Kiamos Andrews, wrote this cute story about Santa and his reindeer….with a food allergy spin.  This holiday book will warm your child’s heart, while making Santa an extra special friend this Christmas season.  After reading this book, I bet your child will want to put out safe treats for Santa on Christmas Eve.  I know they’ll be able to relate well to the characters, Olivia and Logan, too.  What about his reindeer?  I can’t give away the whole story, so get your copy today and surprise your child with food allergies this Christmas season.

Last year we read a Christmas book every day of the Christmas season, and this year No Peanuts For Santa will be on the list!  We enjoyed the story and the artwork was bright and cheerful, while the rhyming of the book made it enjoyable for Superman and Tinker Bell.

What does Superman say about the book? While reading the book he said, “Santa has a peanut allergy just like me!”  My kids liked it so much that we read it twice, and I know they’ll want to read it again during the Christmas season.

Thanks so much to Tarra for giving me a free e-book download to review her book.  I know this book will become a favorite on the bookshelves of food allergic children.  Santa will be extra magical this year!

No Peanuts for Santa comes in both E-Book and in bound softcover.