Simple Fall Apple Dip (Dairy, Egg, and Nut Free)


This past Friday our local food allergy support group met up for a hayride and pumpkin picking.  It was so fun, and when I told Nathan that all the other kids in our group had food allergies, the look on his face was priceless.  It was as if he was thinking, “Wow, you mean I’m not the only kid with food allergies?!”

We stopped in the store at the farm and picked up some Melrose apples-my husband’s favorite.  They are delicious apples-crisp and sweet, but not as sweet as Honeycrisp apples.  Lately, I’ve been loving a snack of apples with Sunbutter.  Fall is just not complete with a good apple dip, right?  Most apple dips are peanut butter and/or dairy based-boo.  But, I’ve had this idea for a while now…..combining the sweet creaminess of Biscoff Cookie Spread with the satisfying Sunbutter, and I could wait no longer.  I bet you can’t either!

Grab these ingredients….



Here’s a picture of the Biscoff Cookie Spread ingredients.  I didn’t want you driving to Target (that’s where I got mine) and not be able to buy it because of the ingredients.  A trip to Target is never wasted, though, is it?  It’s also available at Kroger, and it’s found near the peanut butter in Target (not sure location in Kroger).


Mix 1/2 cup of Biscoff Cookie Spread, 1/4 cup Sunbutter, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg.  Mix well so you don’t get a mouthful of cinnamon or nutmeg.  That’d be gross.

MixAppleDipSlice up an apple and serve.  Simple.  Yet, so sweet and satisfying.



This batch makes enough for 3-4 apples I’d say.  I’m not a huge nutmeg fan, so I could do without the nutmeg, but it’s up to you.  Otherwise, this dip hits the spot!  It’d be great for a harvest party treat or a simple snack on a cool, autumn day.  Enjoy!

**You could also use soy nut butter, peanut free almond butter, or No Nut Butter if that’s your fancy.  Just tailor it to your allergy needs.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Fall Apple Dip (Dairy, Egg, and Nut Free)

  1. Rachel,
    Wow, this looks marvelous. Of course since I blog for SunButter I appreciate the fresh combination of ingredients with the cookie spread. But as a fellow mom, I can’t wait to whip this up for after school snacks (I think “a trip to Target is never wasted” should be a bumper sticker!). Thanks for the delicious inspiration!
    PS/ I’m going to FAB, too, and can’t wait to meet you. Take care.

    • Elizabeth,
      I hope you like the dip! The Biscoff adds just enough sweetness to make it a treat! Thank goodness for the nutrients and protein to justify it!
      I love your bumper sticker idea, by the way! See you in Vegas. 🙂


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