10 Dead Giveaways You’re a Food Allergy Mom….


If you would have told me just over 4 years ago when my son was born that’d I’d be a food allergy mom, I would have thought you were crazy.  Never would I have thought that I’d be typing these “characteristics” that define me as a food allergy mom….

10.  You still buy baby wipes and clorox wipes even though your kid is potty trained.

9.  You look like a maniac germ-a-phobe when you go to a restaurant, wiping down the tables as if they hadn’t been cleaned in 5 years.  I’ve gotten so many weird looks it’s not even funny.

10 Dead Giveaways You're a Food Allergy Mom

8.  You know the phlebotomist isn’t going to know all of the codes for your child’s allergens when you go for their yearly testing.  True story.

7.  It takes two phlebotomists and a lab tech to figure out those codes and decide how much blood they need to draw.  True story, again.  All along you know how many vials they’ll need to fill, but don’t say a word.

6.  Your child coughs, you look at them panicked and they, annoyed, reply with, “I’M OK!  I JUST COUGHED!”

5.  You get more excited over Epi-pen cases than purses.

4.  Your child is allergic to healthy fruits and veggies, but Oreos, Twizzlers, hot dogs, Pop Tarts, and Pillsbury icing are considered “safe” foods.

3.  Even though you know how to spell anaphylaxis you still write ANA for short.  And your food allergy friends know what ANA means.

2.  Your child knows what a food label is-and they can’t even read yet.


1.  Your close friend says, “I’m kinda jealous that you’re a food allergy mom, because you have an amazing support system all around you all the time!”  Say what?!?!  The amazing support system is completely true, though, and I’m so blessed!



4 thoughts on “10 Dead Giveaways You’re a Food Allergy Mom….

    • My hubby laughed at #4 to, but it’s so ironic! I have to admit, although we try to avoid it as much as possible, I was soooo happy when I realized he could have that Pillsbury icing. We use it occasionally 😉

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