Food Allergies Don’t Get A Fresh Start: Forging On In 2014


Wow!  It’s NYE and 2013 is nearly over as I sit to write this post, and I’m OK with that.  In regards to food allergies and asthma, it’s been an emotional roller coaster for sure.  In January my son passed his soy challenge.  In February he failed his baked egg challenge.  In March he was hospitalized overnight for his viral induced asthma.  In June he passed his cherry challenge, his dairy and peanut test results dramatically dropped, but strawberry and celery were confirmed as positive allergies.  One step forward, two steps back.  In November his blood test numbers had nearly all increased a bit, while one or two decreased.  I know that the “numbers” don’t mean anything in relation to a reaction, but we all know that very low numbers mean a possible food challenge.  So, needless to say, 2013 has had it’s ups and downs and I’m ready to hop off this coaster.  And that’s just the trips we’ve made to see our allergist.  I am hopeful that 2014 will be more low key, less emotional, and more positive!  We definitely had some positives in regards to my son’s allergies, but I’ve had a lot of stress otherwise.

On a good note, Mom Vs. Food Allergy will be getting a facelift, in April I’ll be celebrating my one year Blogiversary, and I’ve got some giveaways scheduled.  I’ve also got some new ideas and recipes up my sleeve that I’m hoping I can get in your hands sometime this year.  In other words, I’m eager to take Mom Vs. Food Allergy to the next level!

In 2014, let’s forge on together in this food allergy journey together.  There’s strength in numbers, so let’s do this!  Do we know what causes food allergies?  No.  Can we cure food allergies?  Not yet.  Can we manage food allergies?  Yes.  Can we share experiences to make it easier?  Yes.  Can we forge on?  Definitely.

I hope that you’ll decide with me to make a difference in the fight for food allergy awareness, promise to always carry epinephrine, and put on your happy face and look on the bright side of this food allergy life.  I can’t promise I won’t have an occasional venting blog post, but you’re entitled to getting things off your chest as well.  I’m looking forward to expanding the Mom Vs. Food Allergy community and bringing you all with me.  Thanks for ALL of your support since April 2013 when Mom Vs. Food Allergy became a reality.  Here’s to great things on the horizon in 2014…..may you all have a blessed, healthy, and happy 2014!  Happy New Year!

This picture of the horizon reminds me to keep looking forward and forging on for food allergy awareness in 2014….

Forging On in 2014 with Mom Vs. Food Allergy



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  1. Happy New Year!! I’m just packing up a safe to-go meal for our 10 year old son as we head out for yet more visiting. Your blog is phenomenal; it’s so empowering. Thank you!! We are all in this awareness fight together…look out 2014!!

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