Mom Vs. Food Allergy’s New Look!


Just a quick post this morning to show off my new logo!  I’m overly excited about how it turned out.  It’s absolutely perfect, and just the right amount of flair that my site needed.

It is expertly designed by a great friend, Jonathan Davis, owner of Ingensis.  My fellow WordPress bloggers will be interested in Jon’s business that develops Shopp, an e-commerce Plug-in.  Please stop by his site and check it out and see what he’s up to.  Thank you, Jon, for designing the perfect logo!


I’m looking forward to polishing up the site in the future, little by little.  Thank you to all my readers for sticking around, and I am looking forward to exciting things in 2014 here on Mom Vs. Food Allergy!

What do you think, how’s the new logo?



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