Product Review: Don’t Go Nuts Soy Spreads and Granola Bars


The other day I was thinking about how grateful I am for having so many allergy-friendly products available these days.  I just couldn’t imagine what it would have been like even 10 years ago, and I don’t even want to think about what it would have been like 20 or 30 years ago.  It’s products like Don’t Go Nuts that are life-saving and give us that peanut butter and granola bar alternative for meals or baking.

I was so excited when I opened this huge spread of samples from Don’t Go Nuts, which came for our online No Nuts Moms Group that I lead.  There was so much that I was even able to share with our local food allergy support group.


I’m not much of a soy eater, but since N passed his soy challenge over a year ago, I want to keep it in his diet occasionally so that his body continues to recognize it as food.  The soy spreads that we received were Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Slightly Sweet.  There are five varieties of the soy spread.  Here’s what I thought of each one we received:

Chocolate-Delicious, creamy, not overly sweet, a tad gritty but not too bad

Cinnamon-WOAH.  LOTS.  OF.  CINNAMON.  If you’re a cinnamon lover, then this is for you.  Some of our group members loved it, but I’m not a fan of LOTS of cinnamon, but I do like a little.  It was more gritty than the chocolate version, but friends didn’t seem to mind its texture.

Slightly Sweet-It’s just that…slightly sweet.  This would make a great spread on toast, or as a substitute in baking in place of peanut butter.  It was a versatile flavor, making it great for just about anything you’d use peanut butter for.

The granola bars get rave reviews.  There are six flavors of granola/energy bars and I tried the Gorilla Power Bar (Chocolate Chips Swinging in a Granola Jungle).  I really liked the sweetness of the bar, and it’s overall flavor was good.  There was a coconut flavor that took me by surprise since it wasn’t mentioned in the description, but I still enjoyed it as an afternoon snack.  The downside to these bars is that they DO CONTAIN DAIRY AND WHEAT.  Because of the dairy, these aren’t an option for my son, but he does enjoy the chocolate spread.  If you don’t like Sunbutter, the soy spreads would taste great in my Sunbutter Cinnamon Rolls-just use a soy spread instead of the Sunbutter

Overall, I give the Don’t Go Nuts Soy Spreads and Energy Bars an 8 out of 10.  They are high quality products, non-GMO (great bonus!), and have great flavor.  Of all the people that tried the samples, I didn’t hear any negative complaints.  Click here to see all of their products and to purchase online.  Comment below and let others know how you like the Don’t Go Nuts products!

**These opinions are my own and I was not paid to do this review.  I did receive samples to share with allergy groups in my area.

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2 thoughts on “Product Review: Don’t Go Nuts Soy Spreads and Granola Bars

  1. Thank you so much from the Don’t Go Nuts team for the wonderful feedback! We want to let your readers know that we recently received both organic and kosher-dairy certifications for all of our products. Also, we plan many enhancements and expansions to our product line to support nut-allergic families with additional food allergies and sensitivities. So stay tuned!

    With Gratitude,
    Don’t Go Nuts

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