Kiss Freely Bath & Body Products Review (and Coupon Code!)


Have you heard of Kiss Freely? They make Top 8 Free bath and body products such as lip balm lipstick and eye shadow. Other products include body butter, sugar scrubs, and nighttime serums. Whenever possible, products are also free from sesame, coconut, avocado, and mango.

Kiss Freely Bath & Body Products~Top 8 Free, Allergy-Friendly~Review from Mom Vs. Food AllergyI was excited to learn that the Kiss Freely owner and founder, Jennifer, was a Facebook follower of mine and I realized I follow her on Instagram as @kissfreely.  Once I found this out, I was thrilled to do a product review for her and she sent me some amazing products to try.

I tried three products: Barely There Lipstick, Orange Lip Balm, and Tan Eyeshadow.

The Barely There Lipstick went on smooth and was moisturizing, and I really liked the tiny hint of color on my lips since I’m not a bright make-up kind of girl.  This lipstick has a homemade look to it, because Jennifer makes it all herself (I think!).  That’s pretty amazing, and I’d much rather have a homemade product than a mass produced product that I’m not sure what the contents are.

If you need a moisturizing, allergy-friendly lip balm, I’d really suggest this one.  It comes in 5 different flavors, and although the Sweet Orange “flavor” could’ve been stronger for me, it was still pleasant and kept my lips soft.

The tan eyeshadow has a lot of shimmer to it, and I like a shimmery eye shadow.  The color was a bit too “coppery” to go with my skin tones, but it was still a high quality eyeshadow that I’d recommend to you.  I’m going to try pairing it with a matte brown eyeshadow to see if I can make it work with my fair skin.  There are other colors to choose from, and I’m betting there is one for you.  I liked how it went on my eyes, and stayed put.

I give the Kiss Freely products I tried a thumbs up, and I bet you will, too.  Having peace of mind that my make-up isn’t going to cause hives on Superman is calming, as I’m sure you can imagine!

If you have more questions about ingredients or the story behind Kiss Freely, be sure to read their story here and check out the FAQ’s here.  If you want to know more still, use their Contact Form to get all your questions answered.

Jennifer has graciously given my readers a 10% off coupon code good for the next 6 months!  Because you, fellow allergy mom, deserve some pampering, head over to Kiss Freely and try some of Jennifer’s products.  You’ll be able to get 10% off until November 4, 2015 using code MOMFA10!



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  1. This sounds great. I don’t often wear makeup because the kids seem to get hives whenever I do. This sounds like the perfect answer. Thanks!

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