First Fresh Chicken Sausage Review: Gluten-Free and Allergy-Friendly


I’m so excited to share with you another allergy-friendly product that is absolutely delicious….and healthier!

Last night I added these dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free First Fresh Chicken Sausage to our breakfast-for-dinner menu.  I paired it with baked apples and biscuits, and it was the perfect combination.

First Fresh Sausage Review~Gluten-Free & Allergy-Friendy~Mom Vs. Food Allergy

I cooked these breakfast sausages in a skillet, and I was happy with how easily they browned and cooked quickly.  The aroma from the sausages that filled the kitchen was so good, and I couldn’t wait to dig in!  In a separate skillet I was making my hubby the Hot Italian Sausages, and they smelled just as yummy.  Since they’re chicken sausages, there was so little fat (if any) in the pan, which is a good thing (because it’s not camping out on my hips after I eat them-ha!).  However, I did add a little oil to the Hot Italian Sausages because they started to stick to the pan, but it was not a non-stick skillet.

So, what did we think?  We loved them!  Well, the adults loved them.  We think that the breakfast sausages were a bit on the peppery side, making it a no-go for my 4-year old.  My 7-year old dipped them in syrup to off-set the spicy flavor.  They have a Maple Chicken Sausage, that I think my kiddos might like a little better.  I’m so happy that they are peanut-free, tree nut-free, dairy-free and egg-free, making it safe for Superman!

Overall, they were a hit and I would definitely work them into our weekly menu again.  My husband had the Hot Italian Sausages, and he thought they were delicious, but only a mildly hot sausage.  To give you an idea of why he gave it a mild rating, he likes to coat things in hot Sriracha sauce, and appreciates spicy foods.  If you’re like me, you may prefer their Mild Italian Sausage.

To take a look at their allergen statement, check here.  It gives you a good idea of their sensitivity to food allergies.  I felt really comfortable with this statement, but keep in mind that many of their sausage products contain dairy and I believe some other products (not sausages) contain egg.  For specific allergy concerns and questions, contact the company here.

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**This post was sponsored by First Fresh in which I was sent sausage products for review.  All opinions are my own, and I did not receive payment to share my opinion.

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