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What is one of your favorite childhood memories?  Some of my fondest memories include popsicles on a steamy summer day.  Superman’s multiple food allergies keep him from enjoying many popular summer treats like Drumsticks or other ice cream bars.    There are very few cold summer treats that are safe for Superman, so when I heard about Philly Swirl I was excited!  I was even more thrilled when they asked me to review their products.  (*Philly Swirl did send me products to try to review, and I was not paid for this review).

Philly Swirl Allergy-Friendly PRODUCT REVIEW~Mom Vs. Food Allergy

We were able to try the Swirl Cups Candy Spoonz, Swirl Popperz, and Swirl Stix.  All flavors were free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, soy, dairy, and egg.  Each product comes with about 2-3 delicious flavors.  Another perk (for the moms) is that they are all under 100 calories!

The big question is….

Philly Swirl Product Review~Mom Vs. Food Allergy


My kids and their friends really enjoyed the Philly Swirl treats on a hot day last weekend, and we’re thankful to have them in our freezer.

Our family gives the Philly Swirl treats a big THUMBS UP!  The flavors are great, the variety of treats is wonderful, and they taste delicious!

There are two products that contain dairy, the Fudge Swirl Stix and Sweet Delites.  Here’s what the company had to say about the risk of cross-contamination:

Q.  Are the dairy free items produced on the same equipment as the dairy products?

A.  Yes

Q.  Are the dairy free items made first, then the dairy versions made last?

A.  We run the dairy products at the end of a day, then clean up before a regular run.

Q.  How the lines are cleaned?

A.  The lines are cleaned with our CIP (Cleaning In Place) system on a daily basis and sanitized before start up.

Q.  Exactly what kind of testing is done and is it done every time?

A.  We use a Neogen Reveal 3D Total milk test kit after each dairy run before we start a regular run.

I hope these Q&A’s are helpful in deciding if this is a safe treat for your dairy allergic child.  The company was very helpful in answering my questions, so don’t hesitate to contact them with more questions.



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  1. We have nothing for these children with food allergy in iran.My daughter has lots of food allergy and I dont know how to feed her sometimes.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, and it must be tough. It’s so common here in the US (unfortunately), but I bet it is rare where you are.

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